Bless Hurr Soil...


Bless Hurr Soil was created from a combination of natural ingredients that make plants happy.


The special soil stays moist at the roots which keeps the plant replenished. Hence, the plant is self-sustaining without water 7-14 days and still grows! Even plants that are damaged can respond immediately.

You will see the green deepen in the leaves,and the stems will stand straight up in a matter of time.


Bless Hurr Soil is perfect for plants and flowers that need repotting. It’s also ideal for plants that require a lot of TLC in order to flourish. Try Bless Hurr Soil, on your trees, shrubs, indoor plants, and more.   

The specially enriched soil provides results in practically after use. Your plants will be stronger, more vibrant and thrive with bless hurr soil.

       GROW    1-2-3


What ever your need is concerning your green thumb.

 Bless Hurr Soil, is a naturally enriched soil, that can be used as a stand alone item or as a surport to other soil products.  


      HOW TO APPLY Bless Hurr Soil........


Push the soil back from around the plant.  Apply Bless Hurr Soil on the roots of the plant.  Then cover the plant with the soil,or the dirt that you pushed back from the root of the plant. Do not water for 7-14 days,for indoor plants.  After 14 days stick finger safely down near roots to check for moisture.  If moist do not water,


.* If starter plant you can use Bless Hurr Soil as a stand alone product.  

Please note results may vary.

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Bless Hurr Soil

Are you a green thumb whose plants are feeling bummed by old man winter? No need to worry your pre-spring solution has just sprung! Introducing Bless Hurr Soil, created from a combination of natural ingredients guaranteed to make plants happy. Take advantage of our new pre-spring sale and get your 3rd bag free when you buy your first 2!

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