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The thought of being an Inventor first came to me in dreams & visions 25 years ago.  Along with those thoughts came the desire to become a business owner that would serve the people in my community.


Clearly, I wanted my business to be something different!  A business that is so new and fresh that it would stand out as being highly unique.  The only goal is a to have a flourishing business that would have to capacity to feed the world.  I put a lot of meditation and prayer into this product as I sat in my room in Pennsylvania wondering how to begin this journey?


The research of business ideas kept me in the library for countless hours.  From the time the library opened until the time they closed.  At that time in my life I had plenty of time to read and research the endless possibilties of businesses at Area Community Colleges and also my public Library.


My extensive research had led me to a program called MINDCO, or Minority Development Council Education Program.  The MINDCO brand was the first of tis kind in the county 1992.  After 24-weeks of being in the program I was awarded a Certificate of Achievement. 


Since I have completed the course, things really started to take shape with doors of opportunities starting to open.  I learned how to get my proirities in order to include purchasing the much needed supplies to create my finshed product.  When my first formula of soil was revealed I prayed for great success.

I began experimenting with my new invention on plants, fruits, and vegetables. 


The result of the experiment surpassed my expectation exceedingly! 


I am a very spiritual person with a divine motivation that fills my passion.  The Spirit guides me to stay focus to invent a great product to share with my community and the world.  Is is during my quiet time when I go into deep medition, is when I receive all of my clarity.  Through my sprituality , I can feel the plants growing, as I and the plants become one.



I always look for great things to happen with Bless Hurr Soil Company.  As the success of my invention continuew to grow I will keep you updated with the wonderful events and testimonies of Bless Hurr Soil.  


I thank you in advance for all of your support.  


Bess Hurr, 

Bless Hurr Soil

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