To whom it may concern:

My name is Michael A. Lawson, Charlotte NC.
I have had the opportunity to witness myself and amazing sight, leaves on a plant stand up right in front of my eyes almost immediately when mixed in with my original soil.
Granted my plant was not dead, limp or malnourished but it had just been taken from my house as always and placed outside on my deck as accustomed every spring. Bess asked if she could show me the difference it would make by just adding some of her miracle soil, I said yes.
Believe me without adding water you could see some of the  leaves going from a limp state to a more sturdy state.
NO WATER for seven days and the plant looked great, you only need to try it and see for yourself.


Bess Hurr was introduced to me an an "inventor" at one of the meetings of the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the eWomen Network.

I listened intently about her "soil" and the amazing results. I have not been know for having a green thumb so I started thinking of friends that love the "earth" and have great fruit to show for it.

Bess contacted me and asked if I'd like to purchase some of her soil and again

I thought of others that might benefit.

One day I looked at one of my sad plants and decided I needed to throw it away. I remembered Bess' "Soil" and decided to give it a try.

I was BLOWN AWAY the next morning when I saw this plant upright and vibrant. I don't know what's in the "Soil" but it WORKS!


Falinda Farley


My name is Sharrin Edwards ,


I am writing to tell you about the soil created by Bess Hurr. She came into our office and treated our plants and I literally watched one of our plants grow before our eyes.

I don't water them as frequently (every 2 weeks) as I used to with regular soil. If she has shared this with you, you are a very fortunate person.

If not, then you should give your plants this chance for change.




Managing Director ADCI

Sharrin Edwards.







As the Inventor of Bless Hurr Soil, I want to share my heart, about all the testimonials.  

They are all true and amazing to hear


 In May 2015, I was called to the home of a young lady, named Lisa T, who had a dry, dead, problematic tree.

 I didn’t know what to expect of this tree, it was in such a horrible condition.  

All I knew is what my soil could do.   I applied Bless Hurr Soil Commercial Package to the tree.

WHewwwww.   As an Inventor this would be the moment that every sacrifice you have ever made would have been worth it.   Too my amazement, the tree recovered in 2 1/2 hours.   

Lisa T was so excited, and those who were around was equally amazed. I enjoy the seeing my customers happy, It's what the doctor prescribed.   

Enjoy the freedom of going on a week vacation and not have to worry about watering your indoor plant for 7 to 14 days.  


Bless Hurr Soil

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