Starter Kits size of Bless Hurr Soil is used for small to medium size plants.  Indoor plants, for poinsettia ferns, and much more

1lb Starter (Kits 1) includes shipping& handling

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  • This product is good to use a stand alone,or as a support to your other potting soil.

    Good to use for a small indoor plant.

    Follow instructions accordingly.

  • Follow instruction accordingly, for the best results.

Bless Hurr Soil

Are you a green thumb whose plants are feeling bummed by old man winter? No need to worry your pre-spring solution has just sprung! Introducing Bless Hurr Soil, created from a combination of natural ingredients guaranteed to make plants happy. Take advantage of our new pre-spring sale and get your 3rd bag free when you buy your first 2!

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