"I used the soil Bess sold me on one of my corn stalks. The next day it was over 12 inches taller than any of the others, I was amazed! I recommandend this product to anyone trying to grow plants/flowers."


-Beth Tourtellot


 L. D. Cooper


I have tried Bless Hurr Soil and there is absolutely nothing like it. The soil provided double the growth in half the time. I started seedlings and planted them in Bless Hurr Soil and had a control group. The seedlings in Bless Hurr Soil grew taller, bloomed faster, and looked healthier than the seedlings planted in the control group.


Bless Hurr Soil is truly amazing!


LDC from Charlotte, NC



Bless Hurr Soil

Are you a green thumb whose plants are feeling bummed by old man winter? No need to worry your pre-spring solution has just sprung! Introducing Bless Hurr Soil, created from a combination of natural ingredients guaranteed to make plants happy. Take advantage of our new pre-spring sale and get your 3rd bag free when you buy your first 2!

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